Commitment to the promotion and respect of human rights

According to the United Nations, “human rights are rights inherent to all human beings without distinction of race, sex, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion or any other condition.”

The company maintains an explicit commitment to respecting human rights in the development of its activity and this consideration is present in all of the company's activities.

This commitment is the responsibility of all employees of the company and its executives.

The commitment to the promotion and respect of human rights is based on:

  • Rejection of any form of forced child labour and human trafficking
  • Support for freedom of association, unionization and collective bargaining
  • Commitment to equal pay, ethical hiring and decent work
  • Respect for people, fair treatment and prosecution of discrimination and workplace harassment
  • Guarantee of safety, health and well-being in the work environment
  • Defence of the rights of vulnerable groups and minorities
  • Preservation of people's right to a healthy environment
  • Protection of the right to privacy
  • Ethical and responsible management

The company aspires to respect and promote human rights in its relationships with its suppliers and creditors, and is committed to the sustainable development of the society in which it is present.

The company expects its stakeholders to operate in the same way, for which it ensures due diligence in respect of human rights, regardless of the context in which it operates, so that all areas are responsible for compliance with the purpose to achieve absolute compliance with each of the basis of the commitment.


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