Gold T® IUD

Gold T® IUD (Cu375+Au)


EUROGINE made a study in collaboration with other Spanish important organizations, where demonstrated that silver, in spite of being an adequate support as a noble metal core in the copper contraceptive wire, was in some cases attacked by corrosion from uterine fluids. As a result of this, EUROGINE developed a high-purity copper contraceptive wire with a gold core, which is absolutely unaffected by corrosion and is also fully biocompatible with the human body. It improves as well the safety of the copper contraceptive wire and eliminates any possible allergies to silver. EUROGINE's Gold T® IUD also has an insertion system that guarantees the placement of the Intrauterine Contraceptive Device at the fundus of the uterus. This is extremely important for achieving the most effectiveness contraception action. By following a few simple instructions, the Gold T® IUD inserter makes accidental perforation of the uterus during insertion totally impossible if properly used.

Technical features:

  • The most special IUD around the world: 99,99% pure copper contraceptive wire + 0,1 mm Ø gold core
  • 375 mm2 of copper surface
  • Contraceptive safety up to 5 years
  • Y-shaped IUD
  • 3 sizes available (maxi, normal and mini) that improve its fitting into the uterus and increase the patient's comfort
  • The gold core decreases dramatically the breaking risk of the spiral
  • Unique and easy insertion system which provides a higher grade of precision in the endocavitary placement and eliminates the risk of accidental uterus perforation
  • CE marked

For contraceptive purpose.
Disposable. Sterile.

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